Our journey

From an aspiring team just trying to make a cool thing, to what we now call Polyfrost, we've made a lot of progress.

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October, 2021

We began as a small development team trying to build ambitious projects beyond us. Joining forces with W-OVERFLOW (a modding organization formerly owned by one of the current owners), Polyfrost finally had the resources to achieve our dream of a unified config for all mods.

A year of development

Our first alpha build of OneConfig released in June to a limited audience. By October of 2022, nearly a year after our first announcement, OneConfig finally became available to the whole world in open beta.

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Hey look, OneConfig's a hit!

In the coming months, our little baby would independently surpass 200,000 views on YouTube and our community grew by around 300%. Shortly after, our first major update releases, bringing substantial customization, new animations, design overhauls, and many bug fixes.

Finally, it's ready for release

It's been a long journey, with many bugs, hotfixes, mod incompatibilities, support tickets, list goes on. However, after two years of development, we finally announced the complete release of OneConfig. In November 2023, we released all our OneConfig mods out of beta and into the world.

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Since the inception of OneConfig and since the people that became Polyfrost first met, we have always been known for our attention and swift feedback to users and their suggestions. No matter what we do in the future, you will always be our top priority. And we mean it.

We've grown a lot from our early days back in 2021. What used to be a small team of four has become a professional team of 14 aspiring developers and designers maintaining two libraries and 10+ mods.

We thank everyone; from the people who are just finding us, to the people who were there in the very early days, for sticking around with us.